Pizza Masters


2020 - Present




We were engaged to recreate the identity of the Pizza Masters brand, a pizza shop located in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Paying homage to the classic New York-styled iconography of days gone, we linked the brand to familiar concepts. The resulting design features bold text and friendly cartoon characters, supported by an eye-catching colour palette.
Working closely with the business owner, we ensured branding concepts were reflected throughout the physical location also. Harkening back to bold tile selection and an even application of the primary Green Crayola colour, we were able to create a pizza shop that attracts customers inside.
Accentuated by classic lightboxes and an engaging menu, it was a joy to call-back to such a beloved facet of hospitality.

Main Office:
1/18 Davisons Place
Melbourne VIC 3000
+613 8315 8459

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