Alpha Minds






We were tasked with the creation of an identity for the Alpha Minds event–an experiential installation that helped bridge a gap between Web2 and Web3. This event drew importance to mindfulness and stress management within the digital world. Our involvement varied from creating promotional content, audio/visual direction and Web3 integration, while also serving as our first opportunity to stream into the metaverse.
Our internal team planned the rollout of the multifaceted event, drawing particular focus to promoting a reflective environment that was open to absolutely everybody. From creating characters that aligned with mindfulness, to the construction of calming projections to be displayed throughout, each element was considered.
As our first steps as a branding agency into the metaverse, we could not be more proud of our efforts. Paired with the ability to draw on our established event-management skills, the Alpha Minds experience was a huge step in the right direction.

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